43 Things

I recently started posting some goals, achivements, and the like on 43things.com.

My list is currently only 26 things to do and 5 done, but I will add to it.




Run the Boston Marathon
Run a Sub 3 hour Marathon
Run a 5 minute mile
Run 26 marathons in 26 states – 2 states down (CO & NV)
Run a sub 20 minute 5K – Current best 21:13
Run a sub 40 minute 10K – Current best 46:41
complete a duathlon
Get a Master’s Degree
Bowl a 300 game – current hi game- 264
Solve a rubix cube

Go Scuba diving
Ride in a hot air balloon
Take a cruise
Swim with the dolphins
Experience weightlessness
Go Whitwater Rafting
See a shuttle launch
Ride in a fighter jet
Renew my Wedding Vows

See the Northern Lights
Visit the Louvre
See the Pyramids
Visit New York
See the Statue of Liberty
Visit Niagra Falls
Hike the Grand Canyon

checkmark.jpg Run a Sub 4 hour Marathon – 3:50 2008 Colorado Marathon (5/4/08)
checkmark.jpgRun the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (1/08)
checkmark.jpgHike a 14’er – Mt Evans (14,264 on 9/10/05), Grey’s (14,270 on 7/30/06)
checkmark.jpg Run a marathon – Colorado Marathon & Las Vegas Marathon
checkmark.jpg Meet a celebrity – Michael J Fox, during the filming of Mars Attacks at Red Lake Arizona. (1995)
checkmark.jpg Be an extra in a movie – Mars Attacks in Red Lake Arizona. (1995)
checkmark.jpg Ride a rollercoaster – 1st time – Six Flags Magic Mountain (1992)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jerry
    Jan 25, 2008 @ 11:15:18

    I only counted 33. Where’s the other 10? Is tht on the list?! Think of 10 more things to do! HAHA 😉


  2. Jerry
    Jan 25, 2008 @ 11:17:57

    Nevermind! I just read the rest of the heading! Just like me to ask questions before getting all the fax!! You are styll kool!!!


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