Here are a few stanzas recapping my 6 day journey through the Rockies.  I covered over 115 miles through awesome trails in the Rockies.  My full report will follow in the coming days.  The report is long, and I’ll break it up into 3 pieces.  For now enjoy a shorter, lighter version of the race report 🙂

“Find out What’s inside… Outside”

Six days of adventure started, we lined up and ran
As a group on a mission of over 115 miles
Up hills and down hills we conquered the land
Following trails here and there and surpassing trials

Each day brought another amazing sight
Mountain vistas, cold streams, and hidden trails
Always something exciting to recap each night
Videos and pictures told of the day’s tales

Stages were split by well stocked check points
Each a welcome sight along the way
Excited volunteers catered the runners needs and joints
And provided treats that made the runner’s day

Showers, food, and relaxation were had at tent city
A metropolis constructed at the finish each day like magic
Resting in streams nearby were often tired legs and knees
While others had their feet taped and tended by the medic

After an awesomely catered meal everyone would chill
While we honored those that were amazingly fast
TransRockies was a week full of excitement and thrill
And everyone was a winner from the first to the last

TRR crew, staff, & volunteers made the event a success
As they tended, toted, gnomed, constructed, and made runners comfy
All we had to do was sleep and run, what we all do best
Letting us worry only about the day’s stage and what we’d see

Six days of running and the week came to a close
Through the final finish line the runners went
Time to get a shower and put on some clean clothes
Happily they traveled, pleasantly spent

Clean and full, everyone sat at the final dinner
As the final TRR theme played, everyone watched the slides
Everyone who ran one day or all was a winner
And found out what was inside… outside