It is  just over 90 days until the Pikes Peak Marathon!  Where is 2010 slipping off to?  I am going to gear up for training and surviving this monster of a marathon.  This beast of a race has 7901′ feet gain in the first 13 miles and then it is back down the hill.To work on my cardio, core, & endurance, I’m going to complete a 90 day mixture of P90X & Insanity with some extra goodies thrown in.  I had great results with P90X & Insanity and shaved 30 minutes off my marathon time.  To me, the cardio workouts in Insanity make it feel like you are running at altitude, so that will help my endurance on the lesser oxygen miles of the race.

I am looking forward to this program and seeing how it helps me with this race.  I really don’t have too many expectations on time.   I put 5:30 hours on the registration, but the average tends to be around 7 hours for men, so I’ll see what happens.  Here is a link to the Virtual Race by predicted finish times.

So, I’ll see what happens with my training and how it will help me prepare for the Insanity of Pikes Peak.  I will post my training schedule next week.  If you want to join me in the fitness journey you can visit my Beachbody site at BringTheFit

You can also pick up P90X Here and Insanity Here.

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