I have been a big fan of Zelda since it was first released back in the 80’s.  Each game was filled with puzzles, mystery, and just trying to figure out what the heck is going on in each game.  We would learn a little more about the history and game play from the wise inhabitants of the land.  It was always a quest to save the land from evil and restore peace.

Our main character, a candidate of sorts is always chosen into the role of protector of the lands.  Usually chosen at a young age, he is set through trials as he struggles with the huge task at hand.  Link, is sent on crazy missions to defeat bigger than life foes, until he ultimately comes face to face with Ganon, the powerful mastermind of evil.

Not every game in the series is the straight forward Link vs Ganon & save the princess.  Sometimes he ends up having dreams of other lands, visiting far away lands, traveling to parallel universes and he even travels through time.  Our main character always has a childlike innocence and in most of the games.  But, he is powered by an unwavering courage that he receives from a third of a powerful artifact called the triforce.

Well, I am now a big fan of the show LOST.  Over 6 seasons we have learned more and more, each season takes us in a different direction as answers and more questions are trickled on the viewer.  We have come to know characters in the show that have struggled to find their way in life and to survive on this island of mystery.  It has always been a battle between two forces, whether it was science & faith or good and evil, the struggle has been there.

As the seasons progressed, the viewer has come to learn that it has been a struggle between 2 brothers.  One of light, Jacob, that is tasked to protect the island, and the other of dark, that is trying to escape the island.  It appears that our characters that are LOST on the island have been brought there for a reason.  That reason, for one to become the new protector of the island.

Now, I’ll get to something that caught my eye in the latest episode, entitled “Across the Sea.”  We finally get the historic beginnings of the struggle between Jacob, and the Man in Black.  We find that they are brothers, but it seems that the second baby may have been unexpected.  So there is a struggle between the two, one is happy being on the island, the other wants to leave.  The second brother seems to be much more in tune with the island, and a much better suited candidate to be the protector of the island.

The two boys are shown the source of the islands power, a cave of golden light, that seems to be only located by the island’s chosen one.  When I first saw this cave, the very first thought that came to mind was the Sacred Realm in the Legend of Zelda series.  This is the special place that is hidden away from the world, where the most powerful artifact is hidden.  This sounds very much like our LOST island….

So, to keep this posting from becoming a novel, I will list a few similarities that I first noticed.  I’m sure I’m probably missing a bunch since my history of Zelda is a little rusty, but here is what I found from refreshing my memory of the history of Zelda’s “Golden Realm” and how it may pertain to LOST.

Here is a bit of dialogue from LOST’s “Across the Sea” that sparked this thought along with the vision of the golden cave.

BOY IN BLACK: What’s down there?
MOTHER: Light. The warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that no one ever finds it.
BOY IN BLACK: It’s beautiful…
MOTHER: Yes it is. And that’s why they want it. Because a little bit of this very same light is inside of every man. But they always want more

JACOB: Can they take it?

MOTHER: No. But they would try. And if they tried they could put it out. And if the light goes out here… it goes out everywhere. And so I’ve protected this place. But I can’t protect it forever.

So, here are a few other things that come to mind, I’m sure there are more:

In Zelda, The Sacred realm was one of midday golden skies rather than blue and allowed spirits to roam free as they pleased across its plains.

In LOST, we know that spirits roam around the island freely, also known as the whispers.  Those that are the candidates seem to be able to communicate freely with them.  This is another reason that it looks like MIB is a candidate, since he can see the spirits, whereas Jacob couldn’t.

In Zelda, At the heart of this magical realm sits a mighty temple,  the Temple of Light.  The master sword is laid to rest here.

In LOST, we see a mighty temple that is in ruin.  We find the dagger that belonged to MIB here.

In Zelda, there is a magical sword called the Master Sword or the Bane of Evil.  It is the thing that is necessary to destroy evil.

In LOST, we find that there is a dagger that is the only thing that can slay those that seem to be immortal.

In Zelda, people try to get to the Sacred Realm to find the Triforce, but it seems to be impossible to find and is hidden away.

In LOST, the island is pretty much impossible to find, unless you are brought there or have other secret means of finding the island.

In Zelda there is a mirror to travel between realms.

In LOST, a lighthouse is used to view the candidates that are destined to come to the island.

In Zelda, our hero is chosen at a young age and is destined to save the land.

In LOST, it seems that our candidates are predestined, and the island leaders are chosen at a young age.

In Zelda, the evil Ganon is trapped in the Golden Realm, unable to escape.

In LOST, MIB is trapped on the island until all of the candidates are dead.

Not to mention, time travel, parallel universes, mirrors, volcanos, mystical artifacts, and a whole host of other things seem to appear in both worlds.

I don’t know, from the golden light of the interior of the island, we may have found the triforce.