Here is the weekly Shakeology Recipe, I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to try out this one.  I call it Mango Hot Chocolate, and it was great.  If you like something with a little kick, mixed with the taste of Chocolate, you will love this one.

So here is the recipe:

1 Scoop (or packet) of Chocolate Shakeology

12 – 16 oz of water (I may try this one with some almond milk in the future)

1 cup of Mango

1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper (adjust to your level of heat)

18 Ice Cubes

Blend in a Vita-Mix or blender.

This recipe was awesome, it was cool rich deep chocolate, then BAM a little heat afterward followed by a hint of Mango.  I’ll definitely be mixing up this one again in the future with some small variations.

If you want to try out Shakeology to mix up some of the posted recipes or try your hand at making your own, check out Shake The Fit to order and to answer any of your questions about this awesome product.  I will also be adding more recipes under the Shakeology tab on the bar above, so keep an eye out there.