Motivation is defined as the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior.  Motivation can also be summed up in the pursuit of minimizing pain or maximizing pleasure.  At an early age we are immersed into both concepts, but often it was a mixture of the two.  Something that was introduced to us, do something you don’t want to do, and you get something that you do want.  I’m sure most of us have heard variations of these motivating statements:

“You won’t get any desert if you don’t eat your vegetables.”  Also heard in the Pink Floyd’s The Wall – “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding.”

“You can’t go outside until you clean up your room.”

“No TV until you finish your homework.”

I’m sure there are tons of times and variations to this If/Then/Else scenario.  When throughout our lives we’ve been motivated to do something with the promise of a carrot.  I remember the simple act in Kindergarden of striving for gold stars, and how they were better than silver, red, blue, or other colors that the teacher had at that time.

I think all of us can pinpoint at least one teacher in our lives that made an impact on our life with their motivation.  I’m taking this sentence to thank all of the teachers out there for being the motivators and providing the inspiration for many people to reach toward their dreams and chase down those goals.

I haven’t bought gold stars, but I’m thinking that they probably are all the same price in the store, but I might be wrong.  Maybe they are locked up in the back room, and you need special clearance and permission to peruse the finest of the star collection.

I’m sure that we’ve all been motivated by our family throughout the years.  Parents played a big role in our motivation, walking, talking, and finally getting rid of the diapers were all big days in their lives.  The diapers were probably the best lasting crowning moment.  Walking led to all sorts of things, talking sometimes led to tense moments, but what bad can you say about no more diapers – LOL.

Likewise, I’m sure we’ve all been motivated by our siblings.  At a young age, it may have been the motivation of fear.  “If you tell mom…”  insert your garden variety torture methods here…  Having an older sister by 8 years, I saw, heard, and witnessed much by the age of 8.  My big “Don’t Tell Mom” moment involved one of those 2 person swing the 3rd games.

It all started innocently, 2 girls grab the legs and arms of little brother and swing.  Weee, fun for little brother, ok, now the person with the legs let go.  Oh wait, who has the legs?  Lets both let go.  This led to a few seconds of look Mom, no arms, wait, no legs, I’m Flying… Oh Crap, “Don’t Tell Mom… Or Else.”

Mom, I fell outside, that is what this big bleeding cut on my forehead is.  Yeah and these 2 are my witnesses, of course that is what happened, I tripped over that stupid 2 inch tall barrier around the tulips.”  Yup, I even remember the alibi that I covered up with.  It was a good 15 years later when I was confident to tell my mom, “Do you remember that time, a long time ago with my head wound?”

Most of the time, it was the oh-uh factor, but there was also the motivation of I want to be like big sister.  A strong, giving, and fun person, and she could throw and hit a softball better than I ever did.  So I guess that means I always threw like a girl.

But family aside, how many times in our lives have we been motivated by others?  I’m sure most of us can’t count them all, every day we are motivated in different ways, a lot of times we probably don’t even pick up on it.  I try to think of all of the people that have motivated me in my life and it is dizzying.  I realize, where would I be now if all of those people didn’t spur me on, inspire me, or give me that little extra needed push at the right moment.

I remember some of my earliest motivations outside my family.  As a kid, my older neighbor Clyde was sort of like a mentor.  Now that I look back on it, he was sort of a Mr. Miyagi without the karate and chopsticks, but he did love his garlic.

Of course now over 30 years later some of it is all hazy, but I remember some of the early motivation and inspiration that he gave me.  From tying shoe laces (rabbit goes around the tree and back in the hole), to picking crab apples, there was always something to learn and be inspired from in life from Clyde.  That is the thing with motivation, no matter how long ago, we remember who motivated us and how we felt.  We might not remember the specifics, but that feeling is much more important.

Here is a cartoon that shows a nice Shoe tying scenario that reminds me of the teachings of the rabbit around the tree technique I first used.

More Recently, my wife, Theresa, continues to motivate me daily.  With her words of encouragement, her strategies and tactics for success, and her love all show me the way in life.  My friend and Beachbody Coach, Janet inspires and motivates me to continue working toward Bringing The Fit to this nation.  Helping people find better health and restoring their passion is rewarding.

Another motivator is Dani Johnson, trainer, and as I’ve seen her do, the restorer of dreams.  Her Creating a Dynasty seminar last May started me on my path that I’m on now.  That event helped me find myself and rejoice in life.  If you ever get a chance to witness one of her events in person, it will change your life.

All I can say, is that there is some amazing power in motivation.  When fear is not included in the motivation, the power increases a hundred fold.  To motivate for the sake of motivation is something to behold, and it is like a snowball, because as people motivate, it becomes contagious.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I became a Beachbody Coach, there is power in motivation.  I needed motivation to complete the 90 day P90X program.  I became a Coach the same day that I started the program.  I knew I needed motivation, and I also knew that people needed my motivation.  By providing one, I got the other!  It has been an amazing journey so far, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

I know that I’ve motivated others to start a program that many people fear or they believe that they can’t do it.  All I say to that is, give it a try, that is 85% of the battle of the program, getting started.  Once you get started, keep plugging into whatever motivates you, remember why you started, better health, better athletic performance, more confidence, the challenge, for your kids, whatever it is… maybe to outrun a long time opponent… 😉  Whatever task you are tackling, when motivation wanes, remember WHY you started, and then jump back into the game.

I know with my coaching, I’m always a phone call, an email, or a text away, and motivation can go a long way.  If you are looking at keeping motivated and tackling a Beachbody program let me know.  Check out some of the options at Bring The Fit and get started on a new path.

Just remember, who has impacted your life with motivation.  Where would you be now without that motivation?  If you need motivation, the easiest way to get it, is by giving it.  You will be surprised to see how much motivation you get after you give motivation to others 🙂

I would love to hear of stories of motivation that you can remember, maybe the first motivation you can remember.  Who were the huge motivators in your life, where are you going to take your motivation in the future.  Maybe as people read some of the entries, they will be motivated to be someones motivation today.  You never know how far your motivation will reach.  There is no such thing as a small insignificant motivation.  One act of motivation is powerful enough to power the world.  So with that, go forth and motivate 🙂