I have shakeology every morning for Breakfast.  It really energizes my morning and keeps me going until lunch, plus it is quick and easy.  Well, I think I will spruce it up a little and try a new Recipe at least once a week.  I will shoot for a Wednesday morning new recipe each week.

So this week I will start off with a recipe I saw on Trainer Chalene Johnson’s blog.  It is called Shakeology Orange Julius and utilizes Greenberry.

Basic Recipe:

1 Cup of Water
1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1 Packet of Classic Orange Crystal Light
1 Packet or Scoop of Greenberry Shakeology
Blend to your favorite consistancy
Total Calories : 180

I added a little extra water, but I think next time I will either use a little less water or another packet of the Crystal light.  I think that adding some mixed berries would give this more zing.  The last time I got an Orange Julius, I got the mixed Berry Flavor.  It was very similar to an Orange Julius, but I haven’t gotten a plain Orange Julius for years, I usually go with the added flavors.

It was also the first time I tried Almond milk, pretty tasty if you like almonds and milk and a lot less calories too at 60 calories per cup.

I already have a thought for next Wednesday’s Flavor of the week and it will involve Chocolate Shakeology 🙂