I just signed up as an HP Product Tester.  This is a program to provide feedback on Hewlett-Packard Beta & Delta products.  As an HP Product Tester, you can evaluate a number of products from HP and provide feedback.  The range of products is well rounded including All-in-One products, Scanners, Printers, Digital Cameras, Photo Printers, Copiers and Fax Machines).  Hewlett-Packard compensates businesses and individuals that are selected to participate.  🙂

There are 2 testing programs, each with their own benefits and list of things to test.  There is a Beta Test Program and a Delta Test Program.

The Beta Test Program is focused on the Out of the Box experience that the customer experiences with a new product.  This involves installing the product, setting it up, using the manuals, etc.  HP may have personnel visit your home during the installation.  No pressure there, people watching you go through the manual with clip boards, uh-oh.  These are Beta products, so, there may be design defects that will need to be fixed.  Now to the juicy part of the Beta Test Program.  You will be compensated depending on the product tested and the length of time.  Plus, usually the evaluator will receive a new product that was the same version of the one tested.

The Delta Test Program focuses on the overall experience and day-to-day use.  This will help identify daily issues and concerns with products.  This program usually runs for 6 – 8 weeks.  The compensation is that the evaluator keeps the product that they tested.  So don’t break it, LOL.

To me, the Beta Test Program is the more exciting, you may get the chance to “play” with new tech that isn’t released yet, you get paid, AND you get the finalized product when it is released.  How cool is that?

Who knows what things you might see:

I’m going to sign up and see what happens.  Here is their disclaimer:

Participants for Beta and Delta programs will be selected from people in Club HP who complete our electronic application process. Test sites will be selected based on their computer hardware & software along with customer demographics relating to the products being tested. Completing an application does not guarantee that you will be selected for a test program. Information from people not selected will be retained for future test programs. Beta and Delta programs are limited in size so please submit an application if you are interested. Hewlett-Packard will only contact those selected to participate. Only the Hewlett-Packard Company Beta and Delta program will use information provided in this application.

Here are the steps to sign up to be an HP Product Tester

1) Visit http://www.hpproducttest.com/
2) Click Apply Now
3) Fill out the Form and click Submit
4) Create a VOConline account
5) login to the program with the link provided
6) Wait for acceptance.

Good Luck everyone!  I will keep you posted if I’m accepted into the program.