I completed the 2nd day of a 3 day Shakeology Cleanse.  I am feeling great, I was surprised at my energy levels after only 4 hours of sleep Monday night.  My workouts are going good too, even with the less calories, my running is going well.  I am also surprised that I’m not feeling famished with the reduced calorie intake.  Usually, my normal day consists of an average of 2500 calories, so, I’m intrigued that cutting my intake in half has still left me feeling full and not feeling wasted after working out.

Out of curiosity I did weigh myself this morning, and was astonished with what I saw after only 2 days.  I will save the totals for my final weigh in on my Day 3 report.  I would have expected these results from spending 4+ hours working out, not the smaller amounts of time spent.

Here are my Day 2 Calorie stats.

Tuesday Meals

Breakfast – Shakeology – 140 Calories
Snack – small apple – 60 calories
Lunch – Shakeology – 140 Calories
Snack – Large apple – 100 calories
Snack – 20 Cashews – 200 calories
Dinner – Shakeology – 140 calories, Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber with balsalmic vinegar dressing) – 110 calories, 1 Can of Tuna – 100 calories

Meal total = 990 calories consumed

Tuesday Exercise

6 Mile evening run = 820 calories burned

Check out the benefits of Shakeology at http://shakethefit.com.  It works two ways, it helps your body eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need.  If you are curious about the ingredients, check out this link for the chocolate ingredients: http://bit.ly/agogW6 You can also find the ingredients of Greenberry from http://shakethefit.com

Stay tuned for the final report tomorrow 🙂