I finished P90X in October.  Wow what a journey, when I started I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had actually been sitting on the DVDs for almost 2 years and had actually forgot that I had them.  My motivation to start the program wasn’t there.  Then in July I a friend of mine told me about the Beachbody Coaching program.  What an amazing program, a way for me to get fit, and help others get fit and get paid while working out.  So, I found my DVDs and started the program.

Now, I’m not going to say that it was easy at the start, but over the 90 days it got easier and easier as the workouts progressed.  At the beginning I took the fit test, and passed, even though just barely on the pull ups.  I worked through the first week, wow what an amazing fitness program.  Something different everyday to keep the workout fresh and new.  I made sure that I took the P90X recovery formula after every workout to keep soreness away, and it worked like a charm for the 90 days.  I had only mild soreness throughout the program, even though I did double workouts.  I would run 3 – 7 miles in the mornings during the week and workout with P90X in the evenings.  On the weekends I would put in a longer runs up to 12 miles.  During the 90 days, I ran every single day, and my running endurance and speed improved drastically during the program.

After the first week, I felt stronger and had dropped a few pounds.  At the end of 30 days, I could really feel the difference in my core and in my running.  At the end of my 90 Days, I had set 4 race PRs during P90X!  I was feeling great and was in a condition that I thought I would never see.

Here are a list of my races during P90X

August – Rat Race 10K – PR’d the course, but not a 10K PR (46:01)

September – Sombrero Trail Run – first trail Run – 3rd in Age group

September – Crossroads Half Marathon – 3rd in Age group – New PR of 1:31:43

September – Run Wild Trail Run – 16th overall

October – Racing with the Stars 5K – New PR of 19:26

October – Silver Comet Half Marathon – New PR of 1:30:28 & New 10K PR of 41:11

In November I started Beachbody’s Insanity.  Wow, what an endurance building program.  I’ve never sweat so much before.  I will save talking more about Insanity for a later post.  I just wanted to mention my Marathon that I ran in December midway through Insanity.  I was in Vegas for a Beachbody event, and decided to run the Vegas Marathon.  I ended up shaving 30 minutes off my marathon PR, to run a 3:20!  My longest run was only 16 miles, so I think I could have done even better if I had been fully trained.  I’m looking forward to my next marathon in May to really see what I can do.

I believe that Beachbody will help me go under 3 hours at the marathon and get to Boston.  If you want to improve your endurance, and raise your fitness to a new level, check out Beachbody programs.  You can order any of the programs and supplements from my site at http://bringthefit.com I will help keep you motivated and committed so you can see the success that you want to see.  In 2010, do something for you!  It is surprising how much a higher level of fitness can improve all aspects of life!

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