I finished my P90X journey, and wow is all I can say. I have seen some amazing results. Before P90X, my weight was stuck around 210. Even after the gym and running 50+ miles per week, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. If you are currently stuck on your fitness and looking for something to give you results, I hightly recommend P90X.

Not only are the workouts fun, but they will give you back exactly what you put into them. The nutrition plan will help keep your diet in check, and the Beachbody forums will keep you motivated.

While doing P90X, my running has drastically improved, I was able to set 4 race PR’s during my time on the X. My latest PR was a half marathon in 1:30. My core strength, endurance, and feet speed have increased, which helps me run faster longer.

I have never felt better or looked better than I do now. I am very happy with the results. I actually just started another Beachbody workout program called Insanity.

I am dedicated to helping people get fit, so if you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, to losing those extra pounds, getting that competitive advantage, increasing your confidence, or just wanting to look good, lets work out together. Check out my site at BringTheFit

So here is my picture before I started running back in December of 2004

I weighed 246 pounds in this photo, and I was unhealthy and unhappy.

On Day 1 I weighed 194 pounds and on Day 90 I weighed 185 pounds. My pants are super loose, and I feel great. My cardio is through the roof, and my running has drastically improved. I’m very excited about my results, too often we see these commercials and think, those are actors or etc. I’m here to tell you that these results can be achieved by anyone. All you need to do is show up and push play every day. Give it your best and keep motivated and on track.

Who is with me on getting in the best shape of their life? I’m here to help and motivate you.

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Let’s not wait for New Years to set a health resolution. Lets get on path to have a new you by the new Year!

Now look at my Day 1 & Day 90 photos for P90X, there is only 90 days between the photos. This is the power of P90X

P90X Day 1 & 90 Arms

Doug P90X Day 1 & 90 Back

Doug P90X Day 1 & 90 Abs