p90xMy P90X program is on the horizon; I’m set to start the program on Sunday July 26th.  Before starting it is recommended to do a fit test to see how fit you are prior to the first day of P90X.  Then after completing the program, the same fitness test is taken to determine how much has been accomplished in the 90 day program.  The fitness test is 8 different exercises and there are minimum requirements for each.  I just squeaked past on a few.

The first test was pull-ups, it is recommended for P90X to do 3 for men and 1 for women.  ¼, ½, or ¾ count as a full pull up, so I hit the minimum with 2 ½.  The gym didn’t have a pull up bar, but a machine that I didn’t really care for.  I definitely need to work on my pull ups.

Test #2 was the vertical leap; the minimum was 5 inches for males, and 3 inches for females.  You reach as high on the wall and record it and then jump straight up and record your highest reach.  I ended up with a 13” vertical leap, passing the minimum.  People were throwing medicine balls at the wall, so it was a hazard zone for the few minutes that I was there.

The third test was push-ups, again, not my strongest test score.  P90X recommends that males do at least 15 and 3 for females.  I completed 18, passing the minimum.

The toe touch came next.  This required sitting flat, with legs straight and reaching for the toes.  I almost touched with minus 3 inches to go.  The minimum was 6 inches from the toes, so I was ok on this one too.

The next test was the wall squat.  It required sitting at a 90 degree angle and seeing how long you could stay in that position before falling to pieces.  At this point, I was starting to get a little tired, the requirement was 1 minute.  I withstood for 1 minute and 48 seconds, so another pass.

The sixth test was bicep curls, it was recommended for males to do 10 curls with 20 lbs, and 10 curls with 8 lbs for females.  I did 40 with 30 lbs, so I was good to go.

Next was in & outs, and I’ve never really liked these.  Sitting on the floor, you lift your legs and bring your knees toward your chest and then straighten your legs again, without touching the floor with your feet.  I was able to just pass the minimum of 25 with 27, whew, one more test to go.

The eighth and final test was a heart rate maximizer, I was surprised with the listing.  I haven’t worn my heart rate monitor for some time while running.  I use to average around 180 during my running, and maxed out near 200.  The heart rate maximizer required doing 2 minutes of jumping jacks with the last 30 seconds at all out speed.  Then you record your Heart Rate and then each minute after up to 4 minutes.  Here are my Heart Rate sets: 124, 96, 71, 69, 68.  My resting Heart rate was 44, I can remember a year ago, when my resting heart rate was in the 60’s.

So, according to the fitness test, I passed and can now get ready for P90X.  I am building my food plan which is a lot more protein and a lot less carbs for phase 1.  I may need to get a pull up bar, but I think I’m a go for everything else, I need to take my before pictures on Saturday along with measurements.  Then take measurements and pictures after each phase, or 30 days.

Here is the summary of my scores on the fit test:

Resting Heart Rate: 44
Pull ups = 3 (minimum = 3)
Vertical Leap = 13” (reach = 96”, jump = 109”, minimum = 5”)
Push-ups = 18 (minimum = 15)
Toe Touch = -3 (minimum = -6)
Wall Squat = 1 min 48 sec (minimum = 1 min)
Bicep Curls = 40 @25 lbs (minimum = 10 @ 20 lbs)
In & Outs = 27 (minimum = 25)
Heart Rate maximizer = 124, 96, 71, 69, 68 (minimum = finish 2 minutes of jumping jacks)

More to come soon 🙂