Too often we look to pills and pharmaceuticals to feel better.  There seems to be a pill to “cure” everything, but then there is often dangerous side effects from curing one symptom that causes worse problems.  Usually, the 30 second commercials are 15 seconds about what your symptoms are and 15 seconds of all of the side effects.  This leads to stress in trying to get healthy, and we’ve seen that there is enough stress in the world without worrying about our health.

Health is one of the things that we neglect daily for convenience.  Whether from food choices, lack of exercise, not taking down time, or not setting a routine, our daily time constraints really put a strain on our health.  Too often we sacrifice our health now to work, and then worry about trying to fix our health later when it is much more difficult and costly.  Literally we build our wealth and sacrifice our health early, then use our wealth to regain our health later.

Ayurveda steps in here and helps you enjoy your health.  Ayurveda is the science of life and is a 5,000 year old system of traditional medicine native to India.  Body, mind, and spirit/consciousness is addressed in Ayurveda.  Building your metabolic system, maintaining good digestion, and having proper excretion leads to vitality.  The science of life also focuses on herbs, massage, yoga, & meditation.  When is the last time that you sat somewhere and didn’t think about the worries of your day and just soaked up your environment?

doshaMeditation is vital to maintaining a healthy mind and exercise and diet to maintaining a healthy body.  Too often we grab whatever is convenient for food and we lose out on our nutrients.  Or, we may be eating healthy, but not eating the foods that work with our body type.  Ayurveda brings the concepts of Doshas, which help us find what food, activities, and lifestyle work for our body type.  You can take a quick Dosha quiz at the Chopra Center’s website –

Now this brings us to herbs and what will make a difference in my life.  I will list a few below and their benefits.  You may have heard of some of these, and some may be new.  Here are 7 herbs that I take daily: Amalaki, Ginger, Haritaki, Jujube, Schizandra,  Tulsi, & Turmeric.  I will touch on the benefits of each one below.


Amalaki – (amla) or Indian Gooseberry is a very powerful fruit.  It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C (30 times that of an orange) and overall is an excellent herb to be taking daily.  It helps with inflammation, cholesterol levels, helps increase lean body mass, help with weight management, and a long list of other benefits.  Dr Deepak Chopra has said that Amalaki is the one thing that every man, women, and child should take daily.

Ginger – we’ve probably all heard of this one and may use it once in a while.  Here are some benefits from ginger, improves digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients, supports circulation, cleanses colon, normalizes body temperature, supports joints, & enhances the immune system.

Haritaki – a mild detoxifying agent, nourishes the tissue, supports weight management, increases energy, supports eyesight, supports nervous system, helpful for asthma and bronchitis, enhances immune system and benefits the skin.

Jujube – (not the chewy candy 🙂 ),  Protects the digestive system and has mild rejuvenating effects, calms the nerves, protects the heart, and supports the liver.

Schizandra – Calms the nerves, has antioxidant and detoxifying effects, anti-inflammatory, supports cellular health, relives menopausal symptoms, enhances mental activity, stimulates nervous system, supports eyesight, support respiratory system, inhibits allergies, protects the heart normalizes blood pressure, and supports the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract, enhances immune system.

Tulsi – Improves digestion and intestinal health, normalizes and regulates blood sugar, increases energy, supports eyesight, supports nervous system, stabilizes cholesterol, supports the respiratory system, supports kidney and urinary tract, and enhances immune system.

Turmeric – Improves digestion and intestinal health, circulation and reduces inflammation, protects the heart,  stabilizes cholesterol, supports the liver, and supports joints.

*Bonus – Pomegranate – healthy blood pressure level, improving blood flow, protects cardiovascular system.

My daily Ayurvedic supplement is Zrii, and it combines all of the components above into a liquid form.  I took extra during the 21 day challenge, and my results were amazing.  By following the diet that worked for my dosha, getting exercise, taking time to meditate daily, and taking extra doses, I saw amazing results.  In 21 days, my joints felt better, my sleep was better, I was less congested, I lost 18 pounds, and I was a lot less stressed.

From the standpoint of a runner, this Ayurvedic supplement, has really impacted my running.  I no longer take glucosamine supplements for my joints, and my knees feel better than ever!  I feel more rested before my run, and empowered during my run.  Recovery time is shorter, and I am ready to go about my day.  I enjoy my running more with the less aches and more mental clarity to enjoy my thoughts on my run.  My day is energized and I feel great, all I know is that I start my day off on the right foot with zrii and a run.

It truly is all about balance, making sure that your daily routine doesn’t skip out on what is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  It really is about making total changes to your life, we must all change the way we think about life, and what we want out of life. We must grow through life and not just go through life.  My journey through Ayurveda has been simply amazing, I have so much more to learn, but each day is a bright new day filled with wonder.  Where before, it was go home, and go to work, I now see that there is much more to everything.

I welcome anyone to take the journey with me, in approving health and life, and really living life to the fullest!

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Also, check out Dr John Douillard’s July newsletter, where he talks about the importance of Amalaki and Pomegranate.  Dr Douillard, is a world renown Ayurvedic doctor who has a clinic in Boulder Colorado.  He has 17 books, which I’m currently reading Body, Mind, and Sport.  July Newsletter –

So, take the dosha quiz and find out what foods work for you.

Make changes in your diet and lifestyle and live a healthier you.  Replace the chemical cures with natural ones and reap the benefits of what nature can do for you.