When I started the challenge I wasn’t sure what to expect. I made changes to my diet, and tried to determine what foods would work best for me. During the first week, I didn’t do enough Yoga and stretching, which I will need to incorporate more into week 2. I have been taking breaks in the middle of my morning runs to clear my mind and meditate. It is much easier for me to clear my mind out in nature than it is sitting in my house. I think that has brought more balance to me in the last week.

After the first week, I feel more energized, more focused, and more motivated to get out there and do what needs to be done. Everyday, I got out for some cardio anywhere from 4 miles – 11 miles per day. I also visited the gym twice to get back into the swing of that. During week 2 I plan on getting to the gym 3 -4 times to increase some weight training and to visit the sauna and jacuzzi to get those benefits.

One of the exciting things is that I dropped 12.5 pounds during week one. That has to be the most that I’ve ever dropped in one week before. I was expecting maybe 5 or so, but I am very happy with to 12.5. I noticed last night during my run, that my steps felt lighter, and that is exciting to get closer to speeding up on my running.

During the 21 day challenge, I am scheduled to triple my daily Ayurvedic supplement. So I think that extra dosage has really helped me detoxify and see benefits from the challenge so far. It feels like my metabolism has sped up, and my appetite has decreased. I have been less sore after my workouts, and I feel ready to tackle the day when I wake in the morning. My respiratory still troubles me a little during my runs, and I even had a coughing bout yesterday during my run. I am spitting out mucous during my run, so my body is getting rid of the stuff that has congested me for months.

All in all, it has been a great 7 days, I am excited to see what week 2 does for me and to see where I am next Sunday.