I was a little sore today after revisting the gym last night.  I got a calf cramp backing out of the driveway on the way to work, I truly hate those.  My run was about average this morning, slow like it has been.  I took a nice rest in the middle and it was very peaceful.  Overall I’m feeling great, I could have used a little more sleep last night, and I probably should sleep in past 5 tomorrow.  I have the day off from work so, I can go for my run a little later in the morning.

Again, no headaches, I didn’t sweat as much during my morning run.  I think I will go over my yoga poses this weekend so that my morning stretches are more comprehensive.  It is getting late, so I will make this a short entry and just finish out with my menu for today.

Morning Pre-run: Golden Raisins
Breakfast: Quinoa & Berries
Lunch: Basmati Rice with Black Beans
Snack: apple, unsalted sunflower kernels
Dinner: Basmati Rice with Mushrooms and ground Turkey
Late: Ginger Tea

supplement: 30z 5:30 am, 3oz 11:30 am, 3oz 6:00 pm

Since starting the 21 day challenge, I’ve cut 2 things out of my diet that I use to have every day. 1) diet soda 2) milk. It does make a difference not having those two items. I am starting to think some of my chest heaviness is associated to a build of mucous that was from the milk. I found out that my main Dosha – Kapha, should have low amounts of dairy. Before this, I had stock in dairy products. Here is a little more about my favorite drink of the past and Ayurveda…

Milk and the Doshas…

All this talk of milk has made me misty eyed, and I must pay homage and write…

The ode to Milk

Alas, my poor milk, I have been drinking you wrong
they say boil you I must, if as a Kapha we’re to get along
Pittas & especially Vatas rejoice in your liquid smoothness
but as the sturdy one, the cooling calm drink I do miss

I ask what about the strong bones, teeth, and rich calcium
things that I were always told that I shouldn’t shun
but as a Kapha you will only congest me, geez
please don’t go, and certainly don’t take the cheese

Oh well, no more white, no more chocolate or even strawberry
I guess it is for the better, it will just take time to see
My nightly ritual of a tall cold glass use to set me free
now, my moo juice has been traded for Ginger Tea


On a side note, I really enjoy the hot Ginger Tea 🙂