I could probably dub day 4 as the day of sweat.  I’ve always been a sweater when it comes to running, even when it is single digits outside, I still come home after a run drinched in sweat.  But today during my morning run and my evening gym visit, it seemed that I was now waterworks.  I’m not sure if I’m just sweating out some extra junk that I need to get rid of or not.

My morning run was still a little on the wheezy side, but again I had boundless energy.  I even tried to go back to sleep when I got up 15 minutes before the alarm, and I just was up and ready to go.  I’m still having a little problem clearing my mind when I’m sitting in the house.  I’ve found that I can clear my head much easier taking a break during my run and soaking up the liveness of nature.

I wanted to post some nice graphs here and keep it lively, but I found out my bodybugg subscription was up, so no graphs.

I ran 5 miles this morning and another 2 on the treadmill in the evening at the gym.  I also did some weight work and visited the sauna for a drip fest followed by the hot tub.  I was really beat, but felt better after dinner.  Which brings me to my meal plan for the day. I had Basmati rice for the first time. It taste a lot like regular white rice, but maybe a tad sweeter. Basmati Rice

Breakfast: 2 buckwheat pancakes with apple butter
Lunch: Quinoa with Mushrooms and chicken
Snack: Apple
Pre-Gym Snack: handful of golden raisins followed by a vitamin water after the gym.
Dinner: Basmati rice with black beans, Lite cranberry juice
Late: Ginger Tea

Supplement: 3oz 5:30 am, 3oz 11:30 am, 3oz 6:00 pm

Maybe tomorrow or Friday I will snap some pictures during my run to post them here.

Every day should end with practicing gratitude, giving thanks for the blessings that we receive everyday.  To focus on the positive energy of our goals and not dwell on the negative.  Here is a little video that captures the feeling of being blessed and blessing others.