Ahh, Day 3 is coming to a close.  I woke up this morning with a good amount of energy.  I really felt the extra energy on my run this morning.  I ran 5.5 miles and had a lot of energy, but my respratory was off and affected my run.  I was more focused this morning to get out and do my run.

I’m enjoying the Quinoa.  I actually had some for breakfast and lunch.  Mixed some berries in for breakfast and it was a hearty replacement for oatmeal.  I really noticed my metabolism kicking in today.  I could feel the burn, and it feels great.  So, I’m only in the 3rd day so far and I haven’t even visited the gym, that will be tomorrow and get back on the schedule.  I got on the scale at the end of the day even, and I weighed in at 208.4!  I started on Sunday morning at 215.6.  So, it will be interesting to see what I weigh in at on Sunday morning.  I may need to drag out my bodybugg and see what it says for my caloric intake and expenditures.

I didn’t get any headaches today, so I think the initial detox is over.  I’m feeling pretty good and energetic at the end of the day now.

Here is my menu for the day:

Breakfast: Quinoa with mixed berries
Snack: handful of unsalted sunflower kernels
Lunch: Quinoa with chicken and green beans
Snack: carrots and sunflower kernels
Dinner: Chicken breast, lettuce, celery, & Carrots
Late: Ginger Tea

supplement – 3oz 5:45AM, 30z 11:15AM, 3oz 5:30PM.