I attended a yoga Health Festival in Denver on 8/24.  There were alot of great vendors, classes, & things to see.  I don’t know much about yoga, and everything there was new and exciting.  Watching some of the people do some yoga poses was simply amazing.  There were some great products there from some great vendors.  Check out http://www.yogamonth.org/event/index.php to see if the festival is coming to your city.

I met alot of very nice people and the overall feeling of the day was very laid back.  The sun was out and the weather was perfect.  I met MCYogi and listened to some of his music, he signed a complimentary CD for me.  I sampled some of the teas, drinks, and other items.  There was one seminar on Network Spinal Analysis that was simply amazing.

Dr Richard Munn of Denver placed some light touches on a lady’s back.  It was amazing and I can’t put it into words what I saw.  The lady’s spine was moving almost like it was fluid.  Here is a link with some Information on Network Spinal Analysis: http://www.healinglightinstitute.net/modes/network.shtml

Check out this video of Network Spinal Analysis: