I have only logged 20 miles in the LunaRacers, and I must say wow.  🙂   I have covered a variety of surfaces so far – cement, asphalt, track, & treadmill and all of them felt very comfortable.  My only drawback so far is a blister that I received this morning on the back of my right heel. 

The shoes have a very cushy feel to them, especially under the heel area (the back of the heel is lacking a little extra padding, that I will need to supplement during my next run).  The shoes are super light at 7 ounces for size 14s.  I ran a 400m in them and shaved a couple seconds off my PR.  My long run so far has been 7.5 miles, so I will push that boundry and see how far I can run in them.  I’ve heard that the LunaRacers will be used in the olympics for the marathon.  I’m not sure I could run the long haul in them, but time will tell.  I will have a full write up later, I just have enjoyed my 3 runs in them alot!  I will run in either my elite’s or equalon’s to get a feel for just how light the LunaRacers are (and to get a little more cushion for my heel).