Shock Absorption:
Midsole Material:
Compression Molded EVA|
Outsole Material:
Carbon Rubber|
Upper Material:
Nylon Mesh W/Synthetic Suede|
Foot Type: Performance Neutral (High Arch)
Weight: 13.25 Ounces (size 14)
Retail Price: $82.00

I’ve put almost 75 miles on these shoes and they are good short distance shoes. I’ve ran on cement trails, dirt trails, city streets, and the treadmill.  I gave them a workout for the first 50 and got a good mix of distances covered.   My furthest run to date is a 13.25 miler.  They have a feel of the Nike Jasari’s with a little bit more cushion.  I can feel the cushion under the ball of my foot and the miles seem to melt away quickly.  They don’t fit as tight as the Jasari’s which is better for longer distances. 

I feel that I can both run fast and run far in these shoes.  Even though they are not touted as a stability shoe, I still feel some cushioning and control.  During my 13 miler over the weekend, I started to feel the lack of cushion just under my big toe on both feet.   It wasn’t really pain, just the feeling of not enough cushion.  My feet started to feel a little tight in the shoe also.  I don’t think the hayward’s would be a marathon shoe for me, but they could be a middle distance shoe.

I really like them for runs up to 10 miles, I need to further test them on distances over 10 miles.  I loved them in the early morning cool hours when running in Portland.  I have worn them on the treadmill 3 times now, and I am steering away from the Hayward’s as a treadmill shoe.  2 out of my 3 runs produced some calf pain after about 4 miles on the treadmill.  The first time on the treadmill, they were fine after logging 6 miles.  So, I’m still up in the air if they are a good treadmill shoe.

So, overall, the Nike Hayward 3’s are a great mid distance shoe for outdoor conditions.  Of course these shoes are not crafted for overpronator’s, so a runner with a higher arch may have better luck with them on the treadmill and longer distances.  I still love the way they fit and how light they are.  They are very responsive on multiple surfaces (I will need to test them out in the wintery surfaces).

The next shoe on my study list are the Nike LunaRacers.  These are the super light (7oz for 14s) shoes that you will see during the olympics.  I have logged a few runs in them already – wow…. report soon 🙂