You may or may not have seen the website Motion Based.  It allows you to upload your run data from your GPS watch.  The website allows you to view and share your last 10 workouts for free, and charges for the ability to utilize more than 10.

Garmin has just recently launched a new service called Garmin Connect –  Currently, it only supports the Forerunner 50/405 and a couple Edge devices.  I recently checked out the site and I was pretty impressed with its setup and display of information.

Currently Garmin Connect allows you to upload your run data for free and share out individual activities.  You can have your run data automatically upload to the site when your forerunner uploads its data to your computer.  You can then go onto the site and enter a description for the activity, name the activity and put an activity and event type.

The website then displays all of your activity data including; google map of run, distance, elevation gain/loss, Calories, laps, Heart rate, device information, and cadence for cycling activitites. 

Garmin Connect doesn’t stop there, it also allows you to run reports on your data and get all sorts or report data with nice looking graphs.  You can even set filters on your activity data to find an activity meeting specific criteria.  The site lets you filter activities by keyword, Activity Type, Event Type, & set the time period to filter by.  Other filters like fastest pace would be a good addition.

Garmin Connect also lets you set goals on the site.  You can set either a distance, time, calorie, or frequency goal.

This is a quick overview of the site, check out a few screen captures below.  Also keep an eye on this site – for what is coming to the site and what has been implemented already.  I may need to get a footpod to add those treadmill runs to my garmin database 🙂



Here are my last 3 races on the site. – Mt Evans Ascent – Father’s Day 5K – rocky mountain half