I thought I would post my current shoe inventory as I field test some new shoe models.  Now for the intersting trip of my shoe history.  I’ve ran through 3 different shoe companies, I started with Asics, then moved to Brooks, and have ended up with Nike.  Here is a little time line

2005 – In the Beginning… There was Asics

Why Asics? – Being new to running, all the cool kids were wearing them, I jumped on the band wagon.
March/April 2005 – Asics Cyclone (13)
May 2005 – March 2006 – Asics 1100 (13) & Asics Cyclone (13)

2006 – The year of the beast

Why Brooks Beast? – As I ran more, I started to get leg problems, I would actually get a feeling that someone was grabbing my leg during long runs. I did some research and found the Brooks Beast.  At this time I didn’t know that I overpronoted, but I knew my foot type and went from there.  The Beast were said to be for “bigger” runners with flat feet.

March – April 2006 – Brooks Beast (13)
The Beast worked for me, they were heavier than the Asics though. My leg grabbing feeling returned, so I found out about Gait Analysis and went and got one. I found out that the Asics were totally wrong for me and that the Beast worked. I also found out that my shoes were too small, the running store outfitted me in 14’s.

Memorable line said by the guy at the running store in regard to running in the Asics 1100:  “I’m surprised your ankle hasn’t snapped yet”  😮

April 2006 – October 2006 – Brooks Beast II’s (14)  I continued to run pain free in the Brooks Beast II’s in a size 14.  Then one day, I needed to buy a new pair and low and behold, I couldn’t find a size 14 in the Beast.  The running store suggested these new stability shoes from Nike called the Equalon, so I picked up a pair.

The Nike+ Era

Outfitted in my new Equalons and my shuffle, I looked into the whole Nike+ thing that I had been hearing about.  The Mrs. picked up a shiny new nano and Nike+ kit and I was off and running into the new world.


October 2006 – November 2007 – Nike Air Equalons. 
July 2007 – October 2007 – Nike Zoom RS – I received the RS as a gift and utilzed them in some smaller races to set a few PRs.

I enjoyed over a year in the new Equalons and the Nike+ community, then Nike improved on the shoe with the new Equalon II’s.  They were lighter and more responsive than their predicesors, all was good 🙂

Current Shoe lineup

So, this brings me to my current shoe lineup. I am currently running in 3 different Nike shoe styles.

Short Distance race shoe:

Nike Zoom Jasari – These were a replacement of the Zoom RS. I really like these shoes for 5K & 10K races. They fit snug and they are super light at 11.25 ounces for a size 14. They are my lightest shoes out of my current three. I keep my running to under 10 miles with these shoes, they don’t have as much cushion for longer distances. I wore the Zoom RS for a half marathon and could really feel the lack of cushioning the last couple miles.

Longer Distances

Nike Elite+ 4 – I received these as a gift and I really like them, they feel much lighter than the Equalons, even though they are only 1 ounce lighter at 13.75 ounces. They have as much cushion as the Equalons and I don’t get any leg issues. I haven’t done anything over 13.1 with these yet.

Nike Equalon 2’s – The update to the Equalon I’s was enormous. These shoes look and feel like a totally different shoe. They are more responsive and lighter than the original equalons. I really like these shoes for the long haul. I need to field test the Elite 4’s on runs over 13 miles to get a feel for which shoe I like better for the marathon.

So far I have ran 1 marathon in the Brooks Beast II, 3 marathons in the Original Nike Equalons, and 2 marathons in the Equalon 2’s.

My race PR’s and what shoes I used are as follows:

5K – Nike Zoom Jasari – Father’s Day 5K – Ft Collins, CO 6/15/2008 – 19:43
10K – Nike Zoom Jasari – Bolder Boulder 10K – Boulder, CO 5/26/2008 – 42:30
Half – Nike Elite+ 4 – Rocky Mountain Half Marathon – Denver, CO 6/8/2008 – 1:35:24
Marathon – Nike Equalon 2 – Colorado Marathon – Ft Collins, CO 5/6/2008 – 3:50:16

My everyday shoe has been the Nike Free 5.0.  I really like these shoes for walking around.  They are really comfortable and feel great.  I have only ran about 1/2 mile in them and only use them for getting around.  I should really try running a few laps in them to see how they feel.

So, there you have my shoe history up until now.  I have a few shoes to report on, including the Nike Hayward 3’s (which may replace my Elites…), lunaracers (Jasari replacement?), the Nike Trail S+, & some Sparq shoes which are more for short training sessions.