I was tagged by one of my running buddies – Chefsy– to answer a short running questionnaire.  So here are my answers to the 5 questions posted, I got a little poetic on question 3.  Oh, and here are the rules of the Tag…

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1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

        I really started running in early 2005.  10 years ago my running was very limited, maybe 10 miles per week.  I still got out for early morning jogs though.

2. What is your best and worst run/race experience? 

        I have had many good and bad experiences in races ranging from hitting the wall at 20 to winning my age group in a 10K. 


        My best would be running the 2008 Relay in California.  I met new Nike+ friends and we ran a relay.  I ran some of my fastest times and overcame some mental barriers dealing with hills.


        My worst experience would have to be my first marathon.  I hit the wall around mile 17 and had a hard time with the distance, I ended last in my age group, but I finished.  It was bitter sweet, I had run a marathon, so in that regard it wasn’t my worst experience.  It couldn’t have been too bad, I have ran 5 marathons since that one and shaved over 1 hour and 45 minutes off that first marathon time J.


3. Why do you run?


        There are many reasons and many motivations.  When I don’t run, the day doesn’t seem to flow correctly; an early morning run really starts the day on the right track. 


I run for the runners high, it is such an extreme feeling

I run for peace of mind, running is a mental healing

I run for the chance to arrange my thoughts and reflect

I run for the clarity, the thoughts, the ideas that I collect


I run for health, the steady footfalls keep me fit

I run for the sweat, sometimes an ounce per minute

I run for the goals, milestones, and trials yet to be set

I run for the speed, for distance, for adventure in the sunset


I run for the friendship, bonds I’ve built from nation to nation

I run for Nike+, the people, the challenges, the inspiration

I run for me; to maintain my mind, body, & soul

I run for them; people, charities, causes, & the world as a whole


I run for the feeling of achievement, one step further, one step faster

I run for the chance to push past the limit, a new challenge to master

I run for the hope it may bring, to assist and inspire

I run for all these reasons and more I run to aspire


My history of running…

        It was in 2005 when I got serious about running.  I was in my new job and my coworkers all ran, maybe it was peer pressure.  I was 250 pounds at the time and a bit out of shape.  So in the beginning it was more of a health & social motivation. 

        As time passed, I enjoyed running more and more.  As I lost weight, I gained a passion.  In late 2006 along came Nike+ and my love of running grew exponentially.  The aspects of Nike+ helped take my running further than it had before.  Now, normal training runs became more race-like, I met people around the world (both virtually and in person), my running took on a new form.

        In 2008 I started to train harder and lost more weight.  I joined a gym and met with a trainer to help take my running to the next level.  April was a turning point as some of my mental running barriers fell away during a team relay race in California.  May & June were banner months as I set new PRs in all 4 race distances.

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you’ve been given about running?


        Best advice would be to get a gait analysis.  It turns out that I was running in the wrong type of shoes and I needed to go up one size.  My leg issues disappeared and all was well.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.


        I was an extra in Tim Burton’s Movie Mars Attacks.  The filming was in 1995 at Red Lake near Kingman Arizona.  I spent 2 weeks on location and was a background camera man.  It was an awesome experience and I definitely would do it again.  I have a few pictures packed away in a box somewhere, when I locate them I will post them up on my blog J