We spent some time in Oregon over the July 4th holiday.  I got 4 good solid days of running in viewing a great deal of the Oregon trails.  I got in some city running, beach running, riverside running, & forested running.  I also ran my first trail runs and loved it!

Run Day 1: We flew in on the 4th, so I didn’t get a run in that day.  On Saturday the 5th, I ran from the hotel up to Leif Erikson trail to meet a friend in Portland.  She couldn’t make it, but I didn’t take my phone, so I didn’t know that she couldn’t make it.  I ended up not running the Leif Ericson that day, but got close to 7 miles in by running from the hotel to the trail head.

Hotel to Leif Erikson Trail Head


Run Day 2: We ventured to Seaside Beach on Saturday and enjoyed some time at the Beach.  My early morning Sunday run was great.  It started along side the beach on the prominade and ended up as a uphill trail run.  The prominade was only 1.5 miles, so after looping around and only covering 3 miles, I needed more.  I saw the mountain in the distance and decided to venture over to it. 

I found the Tillamook trailhead and ran about 1.5 miles up a muddy trail.  It was great, the solitude and adventure of not knowing what was around the next corner.  It truly felt like I was on some deserted jungle island, the unique bird calls and other unknown sounds.  Halfway up it started getting really misty as I ran through cloud cover.  I came across four girls hiking down and continued on.  A little while longer, the trail got really muddy and pools of water formed, I decided that I needed to turn around.  Down the mountain I went and back to the room to wash away the mud from the adventure.

Hotel along prominade and through Tillamook Trail and back to Hotel.


Run Day 3: We were back in Portland staying near the LLoyd Center.  2 Miles away was the RiverFront Park and a nice running path circling the river.  The path crosses the river at a few bridges and runs past a huge fountain.

Hotel to River Run, along river and back to hotel near LLoyd Center.


Run Day 4: On my final day of running, I decided to drive up to the Leif Erikson Trail to get a feel for the trail.  The trail runs through Forest Park and has over 50 miles total of running trails.  The trail is heavily forested and has some very steep portions.  I ran out 4.5 miles and then ran back and went up one of the firelane trails that were really step.  It was a great run, and I saw some interesting sights along the way.  The trail is a great way to escape the city while you are in the city.  The main trail goes out 11 miles, I would like to run an out and back 22 on the trail someday.

Along Leif Erikson Trail.


Here are a few other pictures from the trip.