On August 8th 2008, Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich will leave San Francisco, CA and start running toward New York.  Along the way people can join Charlie on his trek.  NEHST studios is casting people to run along with Charlie.  People can sign up to run 1 mile with Charlie and Marshall along with a camera crew and possibly some celebrities as the trek is filmed.  Each mile will include 5 people that run along with Charlie.

The trek starts in San Francisco, CA and runs through the following states, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, & New York.  Check out the map here.  Around August 27th, the group will be near Ft Collins, CO.  I signed up to join in the fun.

Charlie Engle has a website set up at http://www.runningamerica08.com/ that has more information about the event.  You can sign up to run on this website.  The site takes you to screentest.biz where for $3.95 you can sign up to run a mile with Charlie.

In February 2007, Charlie and two teammates became the first people in history to run across the entire Sahara Desert, more than 4500 miles. He averaged more than 42 miles per day for 111 consecutive days while crossing the most forbidding terrain on Earth.   http://runningthesahara.com/.   

You can find out more info about Charlie Engle at http://charlieengle.com/index.html.

You can find out more info about Marshall Ulrich at http://www.marshallulrich.com/index.html

I will keep you posted if I get selected to run.