Back in March I joined 24 hour fitness to get past my weight loss plateau and to further my running.  Part of the sign-up package included 10 training sessions.  I worked with Tom, one of the trainers at the Fort Collins facility.  I saw immediate results in my weight loss and running.  Tom showed me some great exercises and helped me set a base for building my endurance and speed. 

During the 10 sessions, I ran a few races and set new personal records during that time.  I had shaved 27 minutes off my marathon personal best to go sub 4 hours and took 5 minutes off my 10K time.  By the end of my sessions I had dropped 15 pounds and gained some muscle in the process.

Since my sessions, I have lost a further 9 pounds and I have set 2 additional PRs on my race times.  I took 14 minutes off my half marathon best and finally went sub 20 minutes on my 5K.  The time that I spent with Tom was invaluable to me and my progress. 

I will follow the regiment and I hope to lose an additional 10 pounds and qualify for the Boston marathon before too long.  I wrote up an article on

Thanks Tom

Just to get a feel here are 2 race photos, one from May 2006, the other from May 2008.

Here is a race photo from the 2006 Bolder Boulder


Here is a race photo from the 2008 Bolder Boulder