On Sunday August 31st, the largest group of runners will meet throughout the world and run.  Nike+ is hoping to have 1 Million people log 6.2 miles with the Nike+ system.  People can run wherever they live or race in one of 24 cities worldwide.  Many gyms worldwide will host running parties and join the fun.

This reminds me of a little event called Hands Across America that took place on May 25th 1986.  Approximately 7 million people joined hands and made a human chain across America.  I was a part of the chain that spanned across Flagstaff, AZ (I have pictures somewhere).  It was a great event and it raised nearly $20 Million for charity.

Well the date is now August 31st 2008, and we have a chance to take part in something monumental again.   The Nike+ Human Race will span the globe as people show their support for the sport of running and one of three charities being represented.   Participants can choose The Livestrong Foundation, The UN Refugee Agency, or the World Wildlife Foundation as their charity that they will represent. 

You can sign up at http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/humanrace/index.jsp.  This site has a lot of information about the event.  Visit the site and see who is running, get training tips, and view more information about the charities. Watch for more exciting developments in July as products will be added and more information on how to get people to pledge for your cause.   I’m not sure if there is a Guinness Record for largest race, but it would be cool to be part of it if there was.

What are you doing on August 31st?  Why not go for a run with 1 million other people world-wide.  See you on the 31st.  Check out the video below to see Lance Armstrong talking about the Nike+ Human Race.