The time is drawing near for the little 14.5 mile run up one of Colorado’s 14,000’+ peaks.  You can check out some of the info about Mount Evans here.  There are 53 “official” 14,000+ peaks in Colorado.  Mount Evans ranks 14th in elevation at 14,264.  There are actually 58 peaks over 14,000′, but there is a criteria to be a 14er.  To be ranked, a peak must rise at least 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest 14er peak (if another exists nearby).  For a whole list of Colorado’s 14ers check out –

My friend running the Mt Evans Ascent actually has a cabin near Idaho Springs.  So, we are planning on going up after work on Friday and not worry about the 1.5 hour drive on race day.  This is a good thing to help get a little acculmated to the higher elevation a little earlier.

So, I am making a checklist to pack my bag tonight and prepare for the run.  The checklist contains your normal items for a race like fuel belt, shoes, running gear, Forerunner, etc.  I will need to add a few things like tylenol for the elevation; jacket, gloves, & beanie for the unpredictable weather, and of course sunscreen for the glaring sun during the rise to the summit.  I also plan on taking my Weezie Wipe for a summit picture 🙂 .  If you are wondering what a Weezie Wipe is, you can see a few here.

I will also be carrying my camera to try and snap some good pictures along the way.  You can see some pictures from the 2007 Mt Evans Ascent here –

I will try and put a race report up Saturday, but it may end up being later.  There is a post race party in Idaho Springs after the race.  Results will end up on the Mt Evans Ascent website here –

So, keep an eye out here and I will post something soon.