The year was 1988, the NES was still hot and happening.  After Super Mario & Zelda came Metal Gear.  Most people who played the NES in the late 80’s should remember Metal Gear.  One of the first stealth based games.  Who could forget climbing into a cardboard box and sneaking past guards!  The bigger than life bosses, all of the security cards that you had to collect.  

Gaming seemed so great in those days, the Nintendo blew the Atari out of the water.  Gone were the days of the single bouncing dot or the blob that was your character.  Gaming had gone 8-bit baby! 

Well, in 20 years, the Metal Gear franchise has seen multiple sequels, 6 games in total (one on the PSP).  Now the 7th and final game that will star Solid Snake, the character that has been a major part of the series so far.

So, lets take a quick look of how far Snake has gone in regard to game play.  Here is the video from the first Metal Gear video on the 8-Bit NES.

Here is the game play video from the New Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3.

Since the original Metal Gear I have played a couple of the titles, but I will need to look into MGS4.