May 26th was the 30th Anniversary of the Bolder Boulder.  This was the 3rd time that I ran this race and I improved both my course PR and my 10K PR.  The interesting thing about my time on this course is that I almost exactly ran my 5K PR for the full 10K (21:13 – which would be 42:26 for 10K 🙂 ).  The conditions were ideal for running with temperatures in the low 50’s and overcast skies.  After the race a slight drizzle formed over the expo.  I felt great the whole race.  I tried pushing myself a few times but set into running a 42 minute 10K.  At mile 5 I felt a little fatigue, but pushed through it, and soon it was gone. 
Official Time: 42:30 (6:51 pace)
Race Number: BB406
Ranking: Overall – 1086/48387, Age group (M33) – 29/461, Male – 956/22100
Distance: 6.2 (6.30 garmin) Nike+ – 6.27
Temperature: Low 50’s with overcast (perfect race conditions!)
Starting: 30th Street & Iris Ave
Ending: CU Stadium
Start Time: 7:05 AM
Ending Time: 7:48 AM
Gear: Shorts, short sleeve tech shirt, sunglasses, injinji socks, Nike Jasaris, Forerunner 305.
Nutrition: Breakfast = Oatmeal, golden Raisins, honey
Nutrition: Pre-Race = 1 GU, 32 OZ G2, supplements (endurolytes, anti-fatigue, sportslegs, race caps).  1 Piece of Quench gum during race.
Mile 1 – 6:41
Mile 2 – 6:41
Mile 3 – 7:00
Mile 4 – 6:53
Mile 5 – 6:42
Mile 6 – 6:59
Last .2- 1:34
4:30 A.M. – Pre-race prep & breakfast
5:15 A.M. – Left house to meet up to car pool to Boulder
5:45 A.M. – Car pool left Target in Loveland in route to Boulder
6:30 A.M. – Start Line stretching and Prep
7:05 A.M. – BB Wave Start
The BB wave was pretty large and it took most of the first mile to get unbunched.  There seemed to be less entertainment on the course this year, but it may have been that I was more focused on finishing fast than previous years.
At 1KM I did see the Blue’s Brothers and around Mile 2 I remember seeing Elvis.  Early on I passed a couple that wore matching shirts that said Married on Saturday.  I’m thinking they finished the race together.
At 3KM there was the first group of belly dancers.  Followed quickly after was the lone Elvis, singing away.  There was the usual slip and slide and dive pool near the middle.  I saw one runner fly down the slip and slide and then dive in the pool.  He ran back on the road and almost bowled another runner over.
Right before the halfway point, I smelled the customary bacon aide station, but I didn’t see the bacon, it was probably on the opposite side of the road.  Then there was the 2nd group of belly dancers.
Along the route were people in their driveways cheering us on.  Some with stereo systems hooked up, some with cowbells.  Some portions of the course ran through business areas and the crowds thickened in those area’s cheering the runners on.
The hills on the course tend to sneak up on you and zap energy stores.  After you hit 8KM there are steady reminders that you are nearing the end.  8.5KM, 8.7KM, 9KM, 9.1 KM, 9.3KM, the signs tend to be energy builders as it seems that the course is speeding by fast.  Although, in the back of your mind the banners bring the thought “Am I there yet?”.
Then with a little over a half of a mile left you hit one last hill, then you see the 6 Mile mark and you enter the stadium.  The jumbotron displays runners entering finish chutes, the stands have cheering family & fans.  Underfoot the sounds of the footfalls echo on metal as people open up to finish hard. 
Then you are done, the race is over and the voice calls out, keep moving, there are runners behind you.  All of the finishers are herded around a corner, up a slight incline and toward tables of drinks.
I usually don’t drink gatorade right after a race, but the water cups were being filled from buckets.  These buckets were being filled with a hose, and by the flavoring of the water, a brand new plastic hose.  After downing a cup of the water I opted for a cup of gatorade.  I then chatted with another runner for a little while and waited for my friends to finish.
All in all a great race, my legs felt fine and I was not too tired at the finish.  I felt a little tired coming up on the 5 mile mark, but I soon felt fine.  Last year I remember being much more spent during the run and being forced to walk a few times.  No walking this year as I worked toward my sub 40 goal.
Post Race:
We followed the flow of people and entered the Bach Field House.  Here they have lines and lines of volunteers giving out the Bolder Boulder lunch bag, a bottle of water, soda, & beer.  We collected our loot and proceded to the expo.
The expo always has tons of samples, so we filled our bags with an assortment of items including beef jerkey, chips, flavored water, sports beans, free T-shirts, water bottles, hats, playing cards, vitamins, rice cakes, pain relief rub, race brochures & other stuff that I can’t recall at the moment. 
They had samples of turkey, sports drinks, ice cream, some other items that caused some odd assortment of faces when consumed, power bars, and other things that didn’t make very big impressions.  There were other vendors like Adidas, Verizon, local running companies, No Nike booth, a timex booth, No Garmin booth, and the Bolder Boulder race apparel store.  I think that pretty much summed up the expo, give or take a few more vendors and give aways. 
We didn’t stay for the festivities due to the steady drizzle.  We still had 4 hours to wait, so we opted to head home and envision the next year of running the Bolder Boulder.  There will be a 2 hour airing of the festivities tonight on the Fox Sports Network channel.
 Bolder Boulder Race Map

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