In November 2008, a book will be released that will look at LOST’s fan base in a whole different light.  The book is entitled LOST ate my life: The Inside Story of a Fandom Like No Other.  The book is authored by Jon “DocArtz” Lachonis, a LOST blogger that some of you may know from, or many other websites that he has contributed to.  The book will also feature Amy J. Johnston, another LOST blogger who maintains the Evil Puppet Masters site –

The book will also include interviews with the writers and producers from the show.  Jon also mentions that there will be additional sources in the book and a few surprises.  What LOST book would be complete without a few surprises?  I sure will be checking out the contents of certain page numbers 🙂

You can pre-order the book on HERE.  Amazon currently has the book for 32% off or $13.57 This book should help during the later part of the hiatus before season 5 starts.  The 11/1/08 release gives you enough time to digest the contents of the book before the season 4 blu-ray is released on 12/8/08.

Make sure you check out DocArzt’s site along with the evilpuppetmasters for your latest LOST information.   Join the DocArzt forums to keep up on the latest info during the upcoming LOST dry spell –