We had some wicked weather here in Northern Colorado today.  We had at least 8 tornados touch down!  This kind of weather is not usual for this part of Colorado.  So far there has been 1 reported death due to the tornado.  The picture above is taken from Highway 34 outside of Greeley, in the background you can see the State Farm Building that was in the direct path of the tornado.

The first tornado just missed the location that I was at by a few miles.  We were setting up some servers at an offsite location.  The personnel reported that we were under a tornado watch and they moved the patients to the basement.  A few minutes later the power went out and high winds were outside.  The tornado was reported to have been at least a half mile wide as it continued just outside Greeley, CO, right along the road I drive to come to work.

The weather is still unstable and we are under a tornado watch until 8pm.  Watch the video below of the storm that passed close to Greeley.

Video: Tornado –


Video: Damage –


Picture Slideshow – http://www.9news.com/9slideshows/Weld%20County%20Tornado%205-22-08/

Hopefully the worst of the weather is over now.  It looks like Fort Collins missed most of the damage, but I will see when I get home.  Currently, some of the roads are closed, so it is a wait and see.

Here is a picture taken from the State Farm Building that was in the direct path of the tornado.