Have you heard of Quench Gum?  It is a product that will help you get rid of dry mouth.  I tried it about a year ago after receiving a piece in a race packet.  All I could say was wow, start the water works.  It certainly will rid you of dry mouth and keep you quenched.

I tried the product while being dormant and it really gets the juices flowing.  This morning I tried it for the first time during a run, and it did a good job of keeping the dryness away.  A few chomps here and a few chomps there really kept the dry mouth at bay.  Of course this product shouldn’t be a replacement for fueling during a run.  It is handy for shorter runs or just keeping the drool flowing.

The product comes in a few different flavors, the multi pack that I got had lemon/lime, orange, and fruit.  The website also shows a stick version that has raspberry, strawberry/watermelon and orange/fruit.    The website also has a mist version for  those who don’t chew gum.

The gum stick has 20 calories each and 4g of carbs.  The “chunk” style has 15 calories and also 4g of carbs.  The mist is calorie free and carb free.

Here is an excerpt from the website:

In the mid 70’s, Quench was developed for professional athletic teams and quickly escalated to America’s top-selling sports gum.  In the heat of thirsty competition, Quench Gum’s tart-sour flavor and saliva stimulants help relieve what athletes refer to as ‘cotton mouth’.  Quench works to soothe away that irritating, arid feeling inside your mouth and throat.

The website also states that the gum has been recommended by doctors for Post Op patients, Kidney dialysis patients & Patients on antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants and anticholinergics.

There is a list of locations that the gum is available at including REI, Big 5 sports, Sports Authority, & Walgreens.  Check out their website at: http://www.quenchgum.com/home.htm So, if you suffer from dry mouth or you like to drool, go and try some Quench Gum.