Last weekend I enjoyed a few days of running in San Fransisco.  The elevation ranged from 5 feet to 1100 feet.  My running seemed so effortless and my energy was boundless.  Upon returning home, I could really feel the difference that elevation can make in a run.  Running at home after running at sea level is always an interesting event.  Even a few days at sea level causes your body to fight for air upon returning home. 

5 weeks ago I joined a gym and returned to working out on a regular schedule.  I have been meeting with a trainer and I can tell a difference in my endurance and speed.  So I’m not sure how much of my  performance during the relay can be attributed to lower elevation.  My confidence was boosted greatly during the relay as I outperformed my expectations when I came across hills and just keeping my energy levels high.  This Sunday will be a test on how well my training has really paid off when I run the Colorado Marathon in Ft Collins.

My first race that I ever ran was the Ft Collins Old Town half marathon in 2005.  I had only been running for a few months and struggled to finish in 2:46.  In 2006 I returned to run my first marathon on the same course.  Finishing was my goal, even though my time was nothing to talk about.  In 2007 I improved my time on the course by 46 minutes.  This year, I want to blow my PR of 4:15 out of the water.  This race has alot of symbolism for me, since it usually runs on Mother’s Day.  Anything under 4 hours would be great.  The running calculators say I should be able to run a marathon under 3:30 based on my race times.  We will see what I can muster come Sunday!