A week ago I submitted a Theory for a Lost Contest.  During the relay I got a call from USA Today verfying my information and I thought that is a good sign.  Low and behold this morning, I saw that I was one of the 10 people to have their Theories posted on the USA Today Site!  All I have to say is wow!  Cuse and Lindelof responded and each gave my theory a solid A!  I will post the theory here and their comments.

There is an off-island presence for Dharma that is working to get back onto the island to finish their work with the Valenzetti Equation. Ms. Hawking (the white-haired time-traveler who crossed paths with Desmond) was a former Swan worker and developed the same ability Desmond has. Ms. Hawking accidently got this ability during the original incident. She survived by finding her constant — Brother Campbell — and left the island. After leaving the island, her visions developed, and she has seen what needs to take place in order for Dharma to regain control of the island.
Her visions include a complicated pattern of people that are required to be on the island in order for a set series of events to occur for Dharma to return to the island. With the help of others, including Christian Shephard, Richard Malkin, Nadia and Libby, the group ensures that specific people are on the plane in order for the series of events to occur.
Desmond must reach the island to cause Flight 815 to crash; Locke must locate the hatch to keep Desmond alive. Desmond must influence Charlie to turn off the jamming device. Jack calls the freighter.

Cuse and Lindelof’s response:

Cuse: “This is a very evolved theory that has a lot of stuff in it that’s pretty close to the mark. We really responded very strongly to this theory.”
Lindelof: “We liked the way it was worded, so concisely. And because it does contain the aforementioned theories of time travel and manipulation of space-time, this theory gets a solid A.
Cuse: “As a matter of fact, we can’t even comment on it too much because there’s a lot in here that’s pretty accurate.”
Lindelof: “We’re not going to explain why we’re giving it an A. Hopefully, the writer of this theory will take their A and be very proud, put it up on their refrigerator.”
Cuse: “It’s not all correct, but we kind of responded to the way this person thought.”
Lindelof: “It’s not all correct, but it could be correct.”
Cuse: “Or parts of it could be correct.”
Lindelof: “That’s correct.”
Cuse: “I will say that this person is going to really respond to Season 5 and feel very superior to everyone else.”
Lindelof: “Then, in Season 6, we will crush their spirits and prove them wrong. And until then, they should enjoy the ride.”