On April 19th & 20th, I will join 11 of my virtual Nike+ friends in a team relay through California.  The event is known as “The Relay” and starts at Calistoga and ends at Santa Cruz.  Our 12 member team will be split into 2 vans and each runner will run 3 legs of the 199 mile course.  The middle leg will run over the Golden Gate Bridge.  I am excited about running this relay, since I will meet more of my virtual friends from the world of Nike+.

Our team is known as Waiting for Runs, which is a catch phrase that any Nike+ member knows.  Our team is made up of the following members – myself, FooRunner, JenW, mawz76, Monk_Monkey, Mrs Foo, noels71, slowashell, SusieQ, TeeW, texasbuckeye, & wondermom24.  Everyone is looking forward to meeting and running through California.

This will be my 2nd relay, I ran the 2005 Wild West Relay in Colorado with coworkers.  That was a great time and was quite an experience.  The Relay in California will be a lot lower in elevation, but should have some great views and the relay will be another great experience.  Just meeting the group will be an experience in itself.  I have previously met JenW, TeeW, Monk_Monkey, & slowashell from the Nike+ Summit in July 2007.

Organs R Us is the fundraiser for the event.  Our team has registered a page to receive donations for a great cause.  Through running and walking, Organs ‘R’ Us (‘ORU’) has generated $25 million of publicity promoting the need for organ donors.  My personal fundraising page for this event is http://www.firstgiving.com/1miletogo.

I am really looking forward to this event and I will surely take some photos and post them to this blog here.  Right now I’m gearing up for the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge that will be taking place in a couple weeks.  There will be a group of Nike+ members there and we hope to get together.  More on that after the race.