Wednesday June 27th was the annual bike to work day here in Colorado.  This was my first year participating, since I didn’t have a bike during last years event.  My trek was from Ft Collins, CO to Greeley, CO.  My daily drive is 33 miles to work.  My to work stretch was 28.5 miles, my trip home was a little longer due to following the trail past the turn off and was 39.5 miles.  58 miles on a bike in one day is a new record for daily mileage for me. 

The weather was great, mid 60’s all day with overcast and a slight breeze.  The only thing that I would really change was to get rid of the backpack with my work clothes in it.

The trip into work was mostly on County roads & back streets.  There was a detour due to road construction, but I followed the detour signs.  There was light traffic, but in spots there was little or no shoulder to ride on, but no close calls with any vehicles.   When arriving at work, there was breakfast, shirts, and raffles for riders.

The trip home was mostly on the Poudre river trail from Greeley through Windsor.  The trail is well maintained and cement the whole way.  There were even bathroom stops during the trail and benches for people to rest.  One sign I passed said Danger Poision ivy don’t touch, the vines were hanging around the trail.  The afternoon ride was quite different from the morning ride.  The trail was serene, a few other runners and cyclists shared the trail, but all was mostly quiet with the sounds of birds and crickets.

After the poudre trail, I got back onto county roads and ended up on the spring creek trail for the final few miles.  I feel pretty good the day after, I was expecting to be a little sore, but all is good.  I was wearing my garmin, so I will upload the maps.

Morning commute:

 Evening Commute: