UPDATE:4/24/07: Still no DVD for me, the good news is there are actually people receiving their DVDs.  I had received an email that my DVD was reshipped on April 4th and that I should receive it within 10 days… It is now 20 days later and no DVD.

The people that have received the DVD have reported that it appears to be 40-50 minutes of news 8 coverage of the marathon, and not original footage from DVDMarathon camera people.  People also chose to have before and after marathon interviews.   Some of these interviews don’t even have the sound included with the clips!

On another note, there have been comments left on this blog from people who where hired by DVDMarathon to film the race footage.  It appears that these workers have not been paid yet for their work during the marathon.  

UPDATE:3/28/07:Today I received an email from DVDMarathon stating:   

According to our records, your DVD was shipped March 12, 2007.Please re-enter your shipping address and we will send you a new DVD with our next shipment going out on Monday April 2, 2007.

So, I filled out the form again and provided the same mailing address that I provided when I ordered the DVD. So I should have my DVD in hand by Monday April 16th…

UPDATE:3/27/07: So, the new development in this saga, is that people may have given the wrong shipping address for the DVD orders.  So in essence DVDMarathon is saying that everyone on the Las Vegas Marathon Message board gave the wrong shipping information, since no one on the forum has received their DVDs!

 So, I sent a reply email to dvdmarathon.com to verify my address and the DVD shipment.  I then get a message stating “To control spam, we now allow incoming messages only from senders we have approved beforehand.”  The email includes a link to a form to fill out to send to DVDMarathon.  So, I fill out the form with the required information and click send information… Low and behold, I get a page not found error.

I have now emailed Devine Sports to see if they can get anywhere with this company.  The Las Vegas Marathon Forum topic can be found here: http://lvm.createmybb.com/showthread.php?tid=171

UPDATE: 3/23/07: People from the Las Vegas Marathon forum have been following the saga of the missing DVD’s.  It looks like John Wilson from Devine actually has heard from DVDMarathon on the issue of the DVD’s from the December 10th Marathon.  DVDMarathon claims that all DVDs have been shipped to the LVM runners, except for people who had problems with their payments. 

John also stated that DVDMarathon had all finishing times 2 weeks after the event, even though DVDMarathon claimed otherwise.  The DVD’s were claimed to have been mailed out March 12th, here it is the 23rd, no one on the LVM forum has received their DVDs yet.  What are the odds that everyone had bad payments?

 Back in November 2006, I ordered a DVD from a company called DVDMarathon – http://www.dvdmarathon.com.  I was kind of skeptical on ordering the DVD to start with, I ran the Vegas Marathon in my mother’s memory, and I figured that it would be something good to get to share with my family. 

The DVD was to show footage of the 2006 Las Vegas Marathon.  DVDMarathon, set up camera’s during the race and would capture specific video for each runner.  The company stated that the DVD would be delivered 6-8 weeks after the marathon.  This would put the delivery date to be the first week in February…

So January 28th, I received an email stating that all orders would be shipped on February 19th.  So, I thought, a few weeks later than expected, ok, no problem, I’m sure there is alot of work to do, to edit out specific video footage from the race.  Also, who knows how many people had ordered the package.

Then I received an email on March 1st, saying that some orders were delayed.  They said that the reason for the delay, was a lack of receiving complete clock times for all finishers.  The results had been posted on the LVMarathon website for over 3 months now, they should have been able to get finishing times off the website.  The email said that orders would then be shipped out on March 12th. 

They also stated that the missing information was sent to us a few days ago and we are now able to complete the final batch of DVDs.  According to the Las Vegas Marathon forum, no one had received their DVD yet.  Many members have tried to contact them via phone and email without any responses.  My own emails have gone unanswered.  I only ordered the basic package, but other runners on the forum had spent over $100 dollars on additional footage like before and after race interviews.

The company’s website also shows that they provided the DVD service for the Los Angeles Marathon on March 4th.  I’m not sure if this caused any delay for the Las Vegas Marathon DVDs to be delivered.  Hopefully, someone will receive one of these DVDs soon, to verify that the company will deliver.

Has anyone ever received a DVD from this company?