Well we have been hitting record lows this year. The cold temperatures have pushed me to the treadmill a few times. I couldn’t run this morning since it was -17F with wind chill. Denver was reporting a -40F winchill (http://www.thedenverchannel.com/weather/10910175/detail.html?rss=den&psp=news). When I do run outside in cold weather I make sure to layer my clothing.

My cold weather gear includes:
1) Cold weather Beanie
2) gloves
3) Long sleeve shirt
4) thermal running socks
5) Cold temp long sleeve running shirt
6) light jacket on extra cold days
7) Thermi-dry running pants on extra cold days

I need to look into a balaclava if these cold days persist.

I have included a few links here with some good info on cold weather running:


Thanks to Manical on the R+ site for pointing out the new Nike hatphones beanie:


Everyone run safe and stay warm.